I am so pleased with our skylights that I would like to recommend Harlan Smith to anyone who wants to put skylights in their house.

First of all, Harlan is very knowledgeable in his field. He knows which area of the house will provide the best, too much, or not enough light. He talked us out of putting the skylights in an area that would look like Batman caves because the opening was too deep.

Secondly, Harlan is an artist. He doesn't just put a hole in the wall so that light pours into your house. He makes it artistic and blends it with the rest of the house so it looks like it has always been there. He creates aesthetic angles. When he finishes, you do not only have light in your house, you have elegance.

Lastly, Harlan volunteered to come after we had paid him to put in our chandelier. The skylights exceed my expectations and the radiance buoys my spirits. Thank you, Harlan!

Rocklin, CA
...We are enjoying the skylight very much and we would like to thank you for your good work....

Sacramento, CA
...Your persistance and patience in the repairs needed...was greatly appreciated. ...Your dogged determination to make sure they did not leak or have problems was tested this last winter. Perfection, no problems. I hope that you would consider this not as an endorsement of your business and your word of guaranteed satisfaction.

Yuba City, CA
...We are very satisfied with the final look you have achieved in our living room. Thanks for the excellent job.

Wilton, CA
It looks good and the room is now much brighter. Thanks to your crew for their good work.

Sacramento, CA
...I've got to say, [this] was the best home improvement decision I have made. Not only is the workmanship superior quality, it has completed the look of my kitchen. [The crew] worked tirelessly to complete the job in less time than expected. They put my husband at ease with their professional approach to the job (knowing exactly what they were doing) and cleaned up every speck on their way out.

...All I can say is "Thank You" for a wonderful job...!

San Ramon, CA
...The experience was one of the best we have had in remodelling. In every aspect, the workmanship, the product, and the results, were more than we had hoped for. I would be remiss if [I] did not mention the fact that the installers...were very professional, most polite and friendly, and very very flexible. We are enjoying our skylights very much. Thanks to you and everyone involved with your company.

Sacramento, CA
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