Q) Don't skylights always leak?
A) The short answer is yes, if not properly installed. That's where we come in. A skylight installed by a professional from Harlan Smith Skylights should last fifteen to twenty years or more with no problems.

Q) Will the skylight generate a lot of heat?
A) A skylight is no different than any other window in your home. They allow some heat gain/loss depending on the conditions and type of skylight. If correctly done, you should feel very little environmental change. Low-e glass skylights reduce heat gain significantly.

Q) Can you install skylights in tile roofs?
A) Absolutely! These are actually some of the easier applications. Tiles can be removed and set aside during the installation, then refitted to the skylight. There is some concern about breakage, but knowing how to walk on tiles, and repair them if needed, is all that is required.

Q) How long does it take to install a skylight?
A) Our typical installation for a single skylight takes only one day. This is mostly do to the fact that we don't subcontract any work. One crew does the job, start to finish. For example, we don't send out a framer, then a roofer, then a sheetrocker.

Q) How much will the installation cost?
A) That's a tough question to answer due to the variety in products and installations. Our average single skylight install is around $1500. There are significant savings on multiple units. Usually, our jobs consist of two skylights installed in two days for the cost of $2500. These estimates include labor and materials.

Q) Do I have to be home for this whole process?
A) The short answer is no, but most home owners prefer to be around during the early stages of the installation, just in case decisions need to be made about the design.

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