Raised Dome or Bubble Skylights
These are the skylights with which most people are familiar. They consist of an acrylic outer shell of varying thickness, and may have additional inner dome lenses for further insulation. They come in white, grey, bronze, and clear.  

Flat Prismatic Skylights
These skylights consist of flat acrylic prismatic panels supported by a double wall structural panel. Prismatic skylights are designed to give good light distribution and thermal performance in a low profile flat design. Color is limited to white and clear.

Raised Prismatic Skylights
These are similar to the flat units except that they are raised in a pyramid or double hip shape.

Flat Glass Skylights
Glass skylights are available in many styles, including tempered, laminated, wire reinforced, obscured, low-e and others. Most commonly, they are either clear or bronze tinted. 

Tube Skylights (picture)
Tube skylights are designed to transmit light through a reflective tube from the roof to the ceiling. 

Shading Devices
Some skylight manufacturers have available shading accessories, like blackout and canvas roller shades.

Flashing Materials
These are required to seal out water and make the connection from the skylight to the roof system.
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