The biggest problem we see is a contractor that just lacks the experience. They end up installing the wrong size or type of skylight for the application, which results in poor results or even disaster.

We were once called to the home of a woman who had a very large skylight installed in her kitchen. The work was done nicely, but the room got so hot in the summer that she could not use it. We removed that skylight and installed a smaller one with an attached blind. She was very happy to have her kitchen back. Unfortunately, she had to pay for the installation twice. This is an extreme case, but we do see many situations that could have come out much better with good planning and installation.

Some skylight dealers do not do their own installations. They rely on subcontractors that they have little control over, and who have questionable experience.

Another problem is loyalty to one skylight manufacturer. These dealers can't offer you the best outcome because they deal in only one product line. But how can one product fit all skylight applications?

Experience with Roofing Materials
The most critical part of a skylight installation is the roof tie-in. Different roof types require unique installation components to ensure that the skylight will not leak.

If you choose Harlan Smith Skylights, these problems will not be yours. With over thirty years experience, a wide variety of products, and knowledge of roofing materials, you can be sure that we will get the job done right the very first time!
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